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    Network outage Event discared

    Osama Majeed
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      Hello Experts

           i have one question i have some event in Entuity need to be discarded i don't need this event to be seen any where in Entuity it network outage vlan rang 400-499

      the incident details

      Port Unreachable: hcipn-Main-SW [ VLAN_440 ] VLAN_440

      the vlan range will be from 400-499


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          Laurence Balon



          This can be achieved fairly easily using the Event Management System and a regular expression. Browse to Administration -> Event Administration. Click on the Rules hyperlink. Create a new Pre-Storage rule.


          Assign a name to the rule and change the condition to All Tests Must Succeed:




          Click Add in the Condition section to add a test. Select Event Type test and then select Network Outage as the event type:



          Add a second condition for Event Attribute. Select reason as the attribute and select matches for the operation. Copy/paste the text below into the value field:


          ^Port Unreachable.*VLAN_4[0-9][0-9]


          The above regular expression will match on Port Unreachable VLAN_ and any value from 400 to 499.



          Next, click the Add button in the Action section.Select Discard as the action type. The rule should now look similar to the screenshot below:




          The last step is to save and deploy the project.



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            Osama Majeed

            HI Laurence

                thanks for your replay

            i already did the above as it is but it did not work

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              Laurence Balon

              Please open a ticket with Support. I was unable to test this on a live system. However, I tested the regex expression and it matched correctly. Support may be able to turn up the logging level for the log file to see if this rule is working correctly.