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    Truesight-CMDB Integration

    Rukmini Narayanan
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      Hi All,

      We are in the process of designing a Truesight-CMDB Integration for component enrichment of events in Truesight. We have CMDB v9.1 and TS version 11.3.02.

      I have some specific queries about the OOB Integration between these components.

      I would appreciate it if someone could help with these queries:


      1. Given the fact that Publishing filters are defined in Truesight, how does CMDB know when to notify Truesight if a CI satisfying the Publication filter condition is created or updated in CMDB?

           2. As per the BMC documentation, an automated notification goes from CMDB to Truesight as a last step of the Recon job. (https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-62732).

      We have CIs that are manually loaded directly into BMC.ASSET dataset, that don’t go through the reconciliation process. Will the Truesight-CMDB Integration not be able to handle these manually loaded CIs?

      Thanks for your help.