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    trying to find a way to get real time incident reports

    Guillermo Cle
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      Good morning all,


      Im working on the Airbus D&S Service Desk and we are trying to know a way to get real time incident numbers without being a remedy administrator.


      We try an wb.net app but we can´t connect to the server due to policy restricitons (our Remedy administrators cant give access to the server)


      Is there any way, maybe thought Powershell or command line, to search Remedy without being an administrator? (As Service Desk we can create, search and modify incidents, tasks and work orders).


      If its possible, we can create a small app in VB.net to search with our SQL queries to get the information in a simple "wallboard" app and update the data every 5 mins or so. something like this:


      • Incidents in "Pending" status assigned to Service Desk: XXX
      • Incidents in "Assigned" status asigned to the Service Desk: YYY
      • Task in "In progress" status assigned to Service Desk: ZZZ


      Thanks a lot.