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    Devstudio || Remedy 9.1 || Change Work detail|| Download the attached File

    Arulanantham Paramasivam
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      I need to download the attached file in Change management ->> Work details


      Scheme name : CHG:WorkLog


      got the below details from the schema with the file name.


      <field name="z2AF Work Log01">





      Kindly help me to download the file in local drive.




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          Aryan Anantwar



          You need to use below parameters in your Remedy Actor Adapter configuration:

          If you set Download-Attachments = true

          and provide Attachment Destination Dir = Path to directory where you want to download attachments.


          The your Query request will fetch the attachment and will download to above configured attachment directory.



          Aryan Anantwar

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            Arulanantham Paramasivam



            Can you please help to identify the field name in the schema  CHG:WorkLog for find the Download attachements filed.



                <field name="z5Box" id="301919500" type="Trim" />

                <field name="CustomerRef_UK" id="536870918" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2PL_PanelHeader" id="304259830" type="Page" />

                <field name="ClientLocale" id="303356300" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Work Log ID" id="1000000359" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Work Log User" id="301914500" type="Column" />

                <field name="Assignee Login ID" id="1000001827" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_DownloadFile1" id="304252650" type="Control" />

                <field name="Infra. Change Entry ID" id="1000002607" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G Enable Spanish" id="1000018" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z3Btn_DownloadFile2" id="304252820" type="Control" />

                <field name="z5Box_MainDialog" id="301649300" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z3Btn_DownloadFile3" id="304252830" type="Control" />

                <field name="AssignedGroup_UK" id="536870933" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_FileNameAttach2" id="304247240" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Number of Attachments" id="1000000365" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z5Text Limit Attachments" id="301919600" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D_FileNameAttach3" id="304247250" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attachment Pool" id="400005900" type="Attachment pool" />

                <field name="Infrastructure Change ID" id="1000000182" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_ConfirmGroup" id="304329451" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Detailed Description" id="1000000151" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Submitter Name" id="536874120" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Page Indicator" id="1000000240" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Task ID" id="301919300" type="Column" />

                <field name="Status" id="7" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Assignee" id="1000000218" type="Character string" />

                <field name="InstanceId" id="179" type="Character string" />

                <field name="CHG Attachment ID" id="1000000361" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2AF Work Log01" id="1000000351" type="Attachment" />

                <field name="z2AF Work Log02" id="1000000352" type="Attachment" />

                <field name="Description_UK" id="536870920" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2AF Work Log03" id="1000000353" type="Attachment" />

                <field name="z2TF Number of Attachments" id="301913600" type="Column" />

                <field name="Assigned To" id="4" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assigned Support Organization" id="1000000014" type="Character string" />

                <field name="AttachmentSourceGUID" id="304309600" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Close Dialog" id="1000000299" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Total Time Spent" id="1000000731" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z3Btn_MoreAttch2" id="304247290" type="Control" />

                <field name="Status History" id="15" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_MoreAttch3" id="304247300" type="Control" />

                <field name="Help" id="300603300" type="Control" />

                <field name="Description" id="1000000000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Integer04" id="1000000786" type="Integer" />

                <field name="URL01" id="1000002261" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Integer03" id="1000000115" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D_WorkInfo_FileDefaultMsg" id="304259310" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="URL02" id="1000002262" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Box_ContentFooterBar" id="301686100" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D Integer02" id="1000000114" type="Integer" />

                <field name="URL03" id="1000002263" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Integer01" id="1000000077" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z2PL_PanelBase" id="304259870" type="Page" />

                <field name="Cross Reference ID" id="1000000470" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assigned Group Shift Name" id="1000000298" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group ID" id="1000001582" type="Integer" />

                <field name="AttachID1_UK" id="536870921" type="Character string" />

                <field name="CustomerName_UK" id="536870917" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Infra. Change Task Entry ID" id="1000002608" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn Save WorkLog" id="301919400" type="Control" />

                <field name="AttachmentSourceFormName" id="304309590" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Work Log Date" id="301897700" type="Column" />

                <field name="z2TF Log Date" id="301919100" type="Column" />

                <field name="z1D CHG Template ID" id="1000003311" type="Character string" />

                <field name="SupportId" id="536870936" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Assigned Group" id="1000005949" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Text Work Log Details" id="301919700" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1G Multi-language" id="1000015" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Short Description" id="8" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G_Use_Custom_Prefix" id="1712700" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="EPO_OPAS_EPO Requirement" id="600001006" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="DataTags" id="301600300" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Default PF Text" id="304339501" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char14" id="1000000133" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char15" id="1000000144" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Last Modified Date" id="6" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Char16" id="1000000287" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_RemoveFile2" id="304252850" type="Control" />

                <field name="z1D Char10" id="1000000129" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char11" id="1000000130" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_RemoveFile3" id="304252860" type="Control" />

                <field name="z1D Char12" id="1000000131" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char13" id="1000000132" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_RemoveFile1" id="304252840" type="Control" />

                <field name="z3Btn_LMBrowse1File" id="304247100" type="Control" />

                <field name="z2PL_WorkLogPanel" id="304259840" type="Page" />

                <field name="z3Btn_ActionToolbar" id="301674700" type="Control" />

                <field name="Work Log ID" id="1" type="Character string" />

                <field name="AssigneeName_UK" id="536870932" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Work Log Submit Date" id="1000000157" type="Time" />

                <field name="AttachID3_UK" id="536870923" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G Enable German" id="1000017" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Assigned Group" id="1000000217" type="Character string" />

                <field name="SRM WorkLog ID" id="1000005560" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Communication Source" id="1000000655" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Vendor Assignee Groups_parent" id="60901" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char03" id="1000000067" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Last Modified By" id="5" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Work Log Date" id="1000002134" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Char04" id="1000000068" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char05" id="1000000083" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char06" id="1000000084" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G Enable French" id="1000016" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z2TF Number of URLs" id="301896500" type="Column" />

                <field name="Assign WorkLog Flag" id="1000002392" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char01" id="1000000058" type="Character string" />

                <field name="SR_Instanceid" id="303530400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assignee Groups" id="112" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char02" id="1000000066" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assigned Group Shift ID" id="1000000300" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Source" id="301913800" type="Column" />

                <field name="z2TF View Access" id="301914300" type="Column" />

                <field name="Secure Work Log" id="1000001476" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z3Btn Close" id="301644000" type="Control" />

                <field name="z1D_AttachedFileName" id="304247090" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G Enable User Defined 2" id="1000020" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_WorkInfo_NotesLabel" id="304340411" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1G Enable User Defined 1" id="1000019" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID03" id="1000003600" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID01" id="1000003207" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID02" id="1000003560" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Page Title_txt" id="300196300" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Submit Date" id="3" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Char07" id="1000000088" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char08" id="1000000089" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Customer_UK" id="536870914" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char09" id="1000000090" type="Character string" />

                <field name="WorkLog Action Status" id="1000002369" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="AssigneeEmail_UK" id="536870916" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assignee Groups_parent" id="60989" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Shifts Flag" id="1000000296" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="WorkLog Action Completed" id="1000002401" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_PrefixHolder" id="301267000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 3" id="536870927" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 2" id="536870926" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Work Log Submitter" id="1000000159" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Action02" id="1000001169" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Number" id="1000000829" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 1" id="536870925" type="Character string" />

                <field name="AttachString_UK" id="536870924" type="Character string" />

                <field name="View Access" id="1000000761" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Signature 7" id="536870935" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Work Order Number" id="1000000967" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 6" id="536870934" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 5" id="536870929" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Signature 4" id="536870928" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Submitter" id="2" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assigned Group ID" id="1000000079" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF WorkLogID" id="301914600" type="Column" />

                <field name="z2TH CHG Worklog" id="301914700" type="Table" />

                <field name="Assignee_UK" id="536870915" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G_ChangeTaskIDPrefix" id="3000800" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_PrefixResult" id="301266900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Priority_UK" id="536870931" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Secure Log" id="301919200" type="Column" />

                <field name="Assigned Support Company" id="1000000251" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G_ChangeIDPrefix" id="3000600" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Work Log Type" id="1000000170" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Mode" id="1100" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z2TF Work Log Type" id="301898000" type="Column" />

                <field name="z2TF Description" id="301913500" type="Column" />

                <field name="z1G InitComplete" id="1000049" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Summary_UK" id="536870919" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Action" id="1000000076" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Lastcount" id="1000000140" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Vendor Assignee Groups" id="60900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Company_UK" id="536870930" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Previous Operation" id="1000000220" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Lastcount02" id="1000000771" type="Integer" />

                <field name="AttachID2_UK" id="536870922" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Infrastructure Change Task ID" id="1000000282" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group List" id="1000001583" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Number of URLs" id="1000002264" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Notify_UK" id="536870913" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_WindowsClose" id="304259860" type="Control" />


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              Stefan Hall

              I think fields with type="Attachment" are attachments.

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                Arulanantham Paramasivam



                we got the Attached file name details. but how to download the files. Please help me where i need to set the download as true



                schema  CHG:WorkLog


                <entry id="CWL000000123456">

                      <field name="Work Log ID">CWL000000123456</field>

                      <field name="Number of Attachments">1</field>

                      <field name="Detailed Description">Automation file</field>

                      <field name="InstanceId">AGGAA5V0C0QBVAQCT44OQBVMBBNXJN</field>

                      <field name="z2AF Work Log01">



                      <field name="z2AF Work Log02" />

                      <field name="z2AF Work Log03" />

                      <field name="Description">Automation file</field>

                      <field name="Work Log Type">29000</field>


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                  Aryan Anantwar

                  Attachment 1:     <field name="z2AF Work Log01" id="1000000351" type="Attachment" />

                  Attachment 2:     <field name="z2AF Work Log02" id="1000000352" type="Attachment" />

                  Attachment 3:     <field name="z2AF Work Log03" id="1000000353" type="Attachment" />

                  • 6. Re: Devstudio || Remedy 9.1 || Change Work detail|| Download the attached File
                    Aryan Anantwar



                    Check the directory you configured as 'Attachment Destination Dir' in your remedy actor adapter configuration.

                    you'll find the file 'voldef.txt' in it.



                    Aryan Anantwar