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    Smart IT - Incident Template access and FTS

    Stephen McDonnell
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      I have been doing some testing of Incident Template access since we introduced a new 18.08 ITSM & SmartIT environment having come from many years on a bespoke 7.6 server and would appreciate any feedback which you would be kind enough to offer.


      In regards to the Template, the 'Authored For Group' tab has 2 area's, I believe that the set of 3 'Authoring..' fields control the ability to edit the specific template and that the 'Groups that Use this Template' table controls visibility to the user.


      When viewing template access in ITSM or SIT, I think this limits based on a match of 'Company' in the template against the 'Company' of $USER$ as per CTM:People rather than being related to the Company selected in the incident being created. However SIT has a 'Central Config' switch (templateSearchByAuthoringGroup=true) which allows this to be supplemented by also limiting by 'Support Group.


      When testing SIT (in our environment) 'Create New>Incident' and 'Smart Recorder' seemed reliable following an update to a specific template (change of company or support group)


      When updating the SG's of $USER$ in CTM:People however 'Create New>Incident' oddly showed the correct template list when using the 'Browse All Templates' button but these didn't update correctly using the auto-populate function in the 'Incident Template' field.


      For 'Smart Recorder' the 'Resource finder' also failed to display the correctly updated template list.


      During some initial diagnostics, I found clearing the browser cache, quitting or re-logging in, waiting, made no difference until I used the 'FTS Management' console to manually reindex the 'HPD:TemplateSPGAssocLookup' form.


      Many thanks for your time