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    Discovery questions

    Jeremy Nicolls
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      1. how long should it take for a single host scan to complete ? I submitted an adhoc run of a linux host from a scanner that had no other runs in process. The scan took 22 minutes to complete.
      2. Once a scan is complete (scheduled or adhoc) the data should be pushed to the consolidator as soon as the run is complete, correct ?
      3. Is there a method of forcing a data push ?



      Discovery version 11.3

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          Andrew Waters

          That is a how long it a piece of string question. It varies widely. It depends upon what the host is running. For example you can have machines running thousands of WebSphere processes which need examination to a host running nothing. It would also depend upon the speed of the discovered host. Discovery does not run concurrent requests on a host being discovered to minimise the impact on that host.


          How quickly it gets pushed depends upon what else the scanner is doing. It will get queued to be pushed immediately but if the scanner is still pushing other things it may take a while. Obviously the scanner needs to be successfully talking to the consolidator. There is no way to force a push.

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            Jeremy Nicolls

            Thanks Andrew!