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    Track-IT 2019 Asset Merge

    Sonja Vicchiollo
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      Assets discovered on the network are not merging with Assets that have been previously created through the PO or manually added to the system. I am ending up with duplicate asset entries and am unsure how to correct the issue??

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          Cris Coffey

          Assets manually created or manually added through a purchase order are not going to have Mac Addresses and other hardware information needed to help them link up with the discovered version. The only way I could think to do this would be to add them through the purchase order and manually enter the mac address when they are created in the inventory and then allow the asset scan to sync them up. Or dont create items in the inventory from POs and allow the discovery to scan and discover them automatically. Sounds like we may need to look at creating a merge assets option to sync those things up in a future update.

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            Sonja Vicchiollo

            What am I missing here? Maybe I just don’t understand or my expectation is wrong. I expect that upon discovery a client will be deployed and the device will be audited (or when I run a manual audit from the discovered device) and the system will pick up the necessary information to merge it with any asset that is already available.


            The devices below are the same computer that was reimaged and renamed. Shouldn’t they have merged instead of creating a new asset? Are my order of operations incorrect? We had flycast come in and train us and even they could not clearly advise us on best practice asset management using this new version.



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              Cris Coffey

              If something is discovered, then discovered again later, it should always sync up. If you manually enter an asset, it will not be able to sync up with the discovered version unless there is some identifying information in the manually created record like the mac address or device name.

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                Sonja Vicchiollo

                As you can see from the screen shots, both these items have the same mac address and serial number. They were both “discovered”. Im obviously missing something, because I have ones that do merge, just not all of them. This is the perfect example of one that should have technically merged, but did not.

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                  Cris Coffey

                  I think you might need to contact support. It appears as though the only thing that changed was the IP address and while that shouldnt cause it to show up as a different computer, there are settings in Client Management that if set a certain way would make the system think its a new computer. Support can take a look at the matching settings in Client Management and adjust them so computer name is used only. I think this is the issue but I am not certain how to do it.