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    Enabling jmx access

    Siddharth Mahajan
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      I want to enable JMX access for monitoring purpose, I have gone through the link:- https://communities.bmc.com/docs/DOC-31859#

      but I am not able to do it as I have AO installed on linux, can someone help me here how to achieve this.

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          Henrik Hauchwitz

          Hey Siddharth,


          I'd recommend doing this step by step.
          Starting with a setup that does not require authentication all you need to do is set the necessary catalina parameters in the CDPs server.sh

          The server.sh for CDP can be found under [AOHOME]/CDP/bin/server.sh (remember to create a backup before altering anything)


          Inside that file is a block of variables to be used during startup.

          Just create a new variable like "JMX_OPTS" and insert all the necessary parameters.
          Then add your new variable to the "CATALINA_OPTS".
          Restart CDP afterwards and it should be available.

          For further parameters like authentication etc refer to tomcat documentation.



          My example uses the defaul jmx port (8050)


          Hope this helps you.

          Best regards,


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