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    CMDB synchronization with Discovery 11.3 ....connection time out error

    Menna Hassan
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      i am trying to do CMDB synch from BMC Discovery Portal... Atrium cmdb V 9.1.07 and AR V 9.1.07 are on the same server  ......and i'd like to ask what are the reasons and what should i do to fix this error(time out connection)  ...

      i set network address :IP address of the server where AR and CMDB were installed

      Username and password : i set them to the new user i had created before having the same permissions (group list ) of demo CMDB user  & it was created with "AR System Administration Console " but i didn't proceed to complete some info of that user in the application like (company name ...etc) is this the problem ?

      what else could be the reason of that failure ? please list all the conditions to make this connection be successful.