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    Physical Data model?

    mariam penman
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      hi! I've downloaded the data model from here: Track-It! data model - Documentation for Track-It! 20.19 - BMC Documentation

      however I'd like a database data model, if that's possible, to see relationships between tables.


      Long story for the request.

      I need to put the resolution notes into the email that goes to the requestor.

      when closing a ticket, we've asked our techs to add a new ticket note, note type is Ticket Resolution.

      when i was updating the email that goes to the requestor I selected the field {TICKETRESOLUTIONNOTE} but this doesnt appear to contain the data ii'm looking for.



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          Manish Gadgil

          The use case you stated must work and could be an issue in the way you are defining the rule or could be  potential product issue. Please do contact technical Support for the next steps.

          Alternatively if you could share exact details/screenshots on what you are trying to define; someone could attempt to provide an answer.


          As far as the data-model is concerned what is published is the latest. However from your explanation it sounded like you are attempting to create some sort of database triggers or other updates to work around. As a note of caution; do note that such attempts may lead to an unstable system and may not be supported.