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    BMC Attrium Orchestrator : Devstudio :How to Get WorkorderNo from Change

    Arulanantham Paramasivam
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      i have the Change No. I need to know the Work order No is associated with this change. Please let me know the Schema name to get the same.


      In UI, the relationship tab displays the Work order details.


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          Aryan Anantwar



          the relationship tab shows the association entries from CHG:Associations form.

          If you search on CHG:Associations with Change ID or WorkOrder (shown in screenshot) you will find the record.


          You can query the CHG:Associations form using the Change ID and you can extract the Work Order ID from that association record.




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            Arulanantham Paramasivam

            Hi Aryan Anantwar,

            Thanks for the information. As i could not able to find the Change record ID field to pass the input value as Change No.



                <field name="Status-CRQ" id="1000000653" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="zChangeRelationshipKeyChar" id="260007025" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Description01" id="1000000206" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-INC" id="1000000580" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Parent_DataSet_ID01" id="301763500" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Start Date 01" id="1000005080" type="Time" />

                <field name="z5Box Etch Divider2" id="301844100" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Data_Set_ID01" id="301763400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Associations ID" id="1" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Request Description01" id="1000001077" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Description Modified" id="1000002702" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z2TH ListCI Assoc" id="301843800" type="Table" />

                <field name="z1D Copy CI IA to Change" id="1000005276" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status" id="7" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="InstanceId" id="179" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Type01 InstanceId" id="303675900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Parent_Lookup_Keyword" id="301362100" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-AOT" id="1000002705" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_Integer04" id="301346100" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Assigned To" id="4" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request Type02 InstanceId" id="303676000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D_Integer03" id="301516000" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D_Local_DataSetID" id="3003400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Status Enum" id="1000005088" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z5Box Etch Divider" id="301844000" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Status-OLA" id="1000005095" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status History" id="15" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Help" id="300603300" type="Control" />

                <field name="Modified Date" id="6" type="Time" />

                <field name="Status-SLA" id="1000005093" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Integer02" id="1000000114" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D Integer01" id="1000000077" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z1D_AssocKeyword" id="301503000" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-KDB" id="1000003561" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z2TF Change ID" id="301843700" type="Column" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group ID" id="1000001582" type="Integer" />

                <field name="z5Text Dialog Msg" id="301844500" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Sequence1" id="301348600" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Sequence2" id="301348700" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Change Status" id="301339800" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="ConsolidatedStatus" id="301569500" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="zDependentRelationshipCreated" id="300969400" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1G Multi-language" id="1000015" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Short Description" id="8" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Select" id="301843600" type="Control" />

                <field name="Parent Request ID" id="1000000216" type="Character string" />

                <field name="End Date 01" id="1000005084" type="Time" />

                <field name="DataTags" id="301600300" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request ID01" id="1000000204" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request ID02" id="1000000205" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Association Type01" id="1000000208" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char10" id="1000000129" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char11" id="1000000130" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char12" id="1000000131" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char13" id="1000000132" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z3Btn_ActionToolbar" id="301674700" type="Control" />

                <field name="Form Name02" id="1000000203" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Form Name01" id="1000000101" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1DIncludedForBudgeting" id="301568900" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Assigned To2" id="301843500" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Association Type Code" id="301343800" type="Integer" />

                <field name="Type_of_relationship" id="303523200" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Start Date 02" id="1000005083" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Start Date 01" id="1000005082" type="Time" />

                <field name="Status-CON" id="1000005091" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char03" id="1000000067" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 12" id="301844800" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Last Modified By" id="5" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 11" id="301844700" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D Char04" id="1000000068" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char05" id="1000000083" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char06" id="1000000084" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Assignee Groups" id="112" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char01" id="1000000058" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char02" id="1000000066" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Collision Status" id="303633900" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Status-Asset" id="1000000234" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID03" id="1000003600" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID01" id="1000003207" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Copy To Request ID02" id="1000003560" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-WOR" id="1000004127" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Change ID1 Key" id="260007004" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Submit Date" id="3" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D Char07" id="1000000088" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Request_Type02" id="301268100" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Char08" id="1000000089" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1D Char09" id="1000000090" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z5Box Main Body" id="301844300" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z5Box Association Type" id="301843900" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Parent Request ID02" id="1000002706" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute3" id="10001883" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute2" id="10001882" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Attribute1" id="10001881" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Change ID2 Key" id="260007005" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-REQ" id="1000001085" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 2" id="301723700" type="Trim" />

                <field name="Request Type01" id="1000000211" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z5Text Entry 1" id="301844600" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z5Text Association Type" id="301844400" type="Trim" />

                <field name="z1D_Action01" id="301343700" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Submitter" id="2" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-PBI" id="1000000896" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="Lookup Keyword" id="230000009" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-PRQ" id="1000004995" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D End Date 01" id="1000005086" type="Time" />

                <field name="z1D End Date 02" id="1000005087" type="Time" />

                <field name="Status-PKE" id="1000004987" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D_LookupKeyword" id="301355400" type="Character string" />

                <field name="z1G InitComplete" id="1000049" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Action" id="1000000076" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Vendor Assignee Groups" id="60900" type="Character string" />

                <field name="Status-TSK" id="1000001266" type="Enumeration" />

                <field name="z1D Permission Group List" id="1000001583" type="Character string" />


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              Ranganath Samudrala

              Here is a sample set of fields used to associate an incident ticket to change. This is in JSON format, but hope you can figure out how to do this via XML :



                  "Form Name01":"HPD:Help Desk",

                  "Request ID01":"INC000000000549",

                  "Request Type01" : "9000",

                  "Request Description01" : "Associating to change CRQ000000000238",

                  "Form Name02" : "CHG:Infrastructure Change" ,

                  "Request ID02" : "CRQ000000000238" ,

                  "Association Type01" : "35000",

                  "Status" : "1"


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                Aryan Anantwar



                Following are fields you need to use in your case:

                'Request ID01'  - for Change Request ID.

                'Request ID02'  - for Work Order ID.



                Aryan Anantwar