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    Why are the disks of Azure VM not directly connected to the virtual machine?

    Marcin Cieslak
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      (seems like we cannot attach SVG files here - that's a pity)


      Looking at the following setup of a pretty plain Azure Windows VM with two disks (osdisk and datadisk1) and 7 filesystems on them. The picture below depicts my environment scanned both via the cloud discovery and the traditional IP scan:



      Why there is no connection between the VM itself and the disks, only via the resource group? Looking at the discovered information from the Azure Azure.VirtualMachines.ListAll API disk resources currently attached to the machine are clearly listed there.


      I understand that there are situations where disks live independently from the VMs - but is there are reason why this connection is missing?


      Also, is there an attempt made to connect DiskDrive objects obtained via IP discovery with their cloud counterparts (storage volumes)? I do not seem to be getting any connection there as well. (Cloud has been scanned first and then the Unscanned Cloud Hosts report from the Cloud dashboard has been used as recommended by the documentation).


      I was using TKU-2019-08-1-ADDM-11.2+ for my test.