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    backup Discovery appliance to another appliance

    GeirJohan Birkeland
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      I need to do a backup of my CentOS 6 Discovery Appliance in order to Migrate the data to a new CentOS 7 appliance. The backup is estimated to be 105 GB.


      The problem is customer is limited to SMBv2 and above, so Windows share backup is out of the question (as CentOS 6 uses SMBv1).

      Local backup is not possible due to the size of the backup.


      That leaves me with backup over SSH. But I don't have a SSH-server available to do this.

      Can I store the backup to my other Discovery appliance, which has both the free space needed and an open ssh connection?

      How can I make sure the backup is stored on the Additional Disk (/dev/sdb) and not the System Disk?