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    Mapping containerized applications

    Ryan Wiltshire
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      How is the community approaching the mapping of containerized applications? Simple docker only deployments and/or deployments to Container platforms such as OpenShift?

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          Bernard Stern

          A few applications are starting to get deployed inside a docker instance. We are using CAM, no SAAM.I wrote a custom docker module, in which I map the docker instance, plus I'm looking in the long args list to grab a meaningful pattern which I then assign as instance to the SI, so I'm having a Custom Docker SI which instance is e.g. Yoxos. I can't tell if this can be generalised, currently I only have 2 such BAIs.

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            Ryan Wiltshire

            This makes sense for simple docker deployments. I am also looking at image tags as a source of data to dynamically group SIs.


            Containers in container management platforms such as OpenShift are more complicated. These objects likely will exist for a short time and can move about logical hosts. In these cases, the team is looking at the configuration of a deployment more than the actual running docker images. Again, leveraging data like namespaces from the management platform to group resources.