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    Can we change the ownership of the Activity added by hannah_admin?

    Tejas Chavan
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      Hi All,


      We are using DWP and DWPA 19.05.

      When a requester(end user) cancels a request from DWP, the Activity(worknote) added on the fulfillment ticket(WorkOrder) is:


      Status Change: Cancelled by Hannah Admin


      Can we change this to the Requester name?


      I checked the workflow and found that Hannah is picked up from SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration by the Filter: WOI:WOI:Social_WorkorderStatusUpdate

      I did not find an easy way to achieve this to change it to Requester.


      I really doubt why Hannah should be be added in the worknote when the ticket is cancelled by end User.

      Is this a Defect?