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    BMC Digital Workplace Catalog - Has anyone used the Submit Service Request element so far?

    Patrik Stanz
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      I am using the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Version 18.08. A customer want's that I submit a service request via the workflow - import of the SRD is not an option.

      Has anyone of you guys already used the Submit Service Request element from scratch?



      Form the documentation (https://docs.bmc.com/docs/digitalworkplaceadvanced/1808/remedy-connector-837351888.html#Remedyconnector-Inputparametersf… ) I understand on how to use the fields Connection Id, Srd Id and Requested By Login Id fields, but how to use the Answers field?




      For example in the SRD, the following process is defined:



      How can I fill the variables fields? What do I have to specify in the Build Dynamic Inputs element for the Key1 and Value1 fields? Example from an improted SRD:



      If anyone can share some examples, that would be great.