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    Need help on IMAP - Adapter

    Chittaranjan Patra
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      Hello All,


      can you please let me know with which Process/Module a IMAP adapter can be used in BMC AO ?



      Chittaranjan Patra

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          Henrik Hauchwitz

          Hey Chittaranjan,


          I believe there ist no ootb module for the IMAP adapter as it is meant for monitoring.
          So basically what it does is poll a mailbox defined in the adapter config and raise events when something happens inside that mailbox.


          What you would need to do is define a rule that triggers on these events and starts a custom workflow you created.

          These events will be available as xml documents for the triggered workflow, it's up to you however what you do with this document from there on.

          This might help you with your question as well.
          Basic usage for IMAP adapter?


          If you intend to send Mails, you'll most likely need to enable an smtp adapter for that.


          Best regards,


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