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    TrueSight Event to Jira

    Patrick Mischler
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      Hi all,


      Has anyone implemented a solution to integrate events from TrueSight into Jira?




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          Marek Ceizel

          Hi Patrick,


          I don't know about TrueSight possibilities however in most implementations with Remedy/ITSM generates an Event a Ticket in ITSM. On the Remedy side there is already RestAPI consumption implemented and depending on the requirement should be no problem




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            Patrick Mischler

            Hi Marek,


            The customer asked if it is possible to have two different workflows for events. There are events which are proactive and shoud not produce an Incident in Remedy/ITSM, because there is no impact on the service/application yet. Only if an event indicates that a service is already degraded a Remedy/ITSM Incident should be created.


            I wondered if there is a method to create an issue in Jira for the proactive events.