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    MyIT DWP - Request Failed

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi everyone


      I am facing a rather bizarre issue on MyIT DWP.


      Whenever a user submits a request, he gets a "request failed" message. I have attached screenshots of attempts to submit the request on Chrome and Internet Explorer.


      In Chrome, he just gets "request failed" , whereas in IE, he gets "Request failed. XXX question hasn't been answered"


      This is incongruous because I know he has answered all the questions on the request, and to add to the bewilderment, XXX is a required question.


      Since request submission is failing, REQ is not getting generated and I am at wits end on how to investigate this.


      Would someone be kind enough to help me out on this one?


      Please note that we work on ROD platform, and if the idea is to request logs, it will take some time.


      Thanks in advance for helping me out here