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    Not getting email notifications for every new WorkLog - INC/ WO

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi all,


      One of my end users has grouched that he is not getting email notifications for every new worklog / work notes that gets updated on the ticket which he raises.


      I saw that work notes are updated as both "internal" and "public", but email notifications don't flow through, no matter what.


      Got some tickets from him and then I went through AR System Email Messages and saw that email notifications only flow when ticket has been newly created or completed, or whenever someone send him and email through the email system on the ticket.


      Should I be looking for something on SYS: Notification Messages?


      Would someone kindly guide me as to where should I begin investigation on this one?


      Thank you kindly

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          Marie Johnson

          Edison Pioneer

          lots of details missing here but first I’d suggest referring to the out of the box notifications:  https://docs.bmc.com/docs/itsm1908/bmc-remedy-itsm-notification-events-877692493.html


          i don't know what version, what you've written, what the user has enabled or disabled or why he thinks he should get notifications on every worklog change, as that’s not out of the box (See link).  is this through Service Request or DWP-A?  Is this on the iPhone or android app? 


          Bottom line is, if you really want this for everyone, which I wouldn’t suggest, then find the filter and enhance it to fit.   Look I don’t want to be notified for every change and if I’m the author I certainly don’t want to get a notification every time I make an update.  I type things in as I’m investigating so I could do 10 updates in 30 minutes, or more if I forgot something.  I don’t want people seeing every time I update!  If this is done, I’ll stop logging stuff into tickets because i don’t  want The nags.  So really think about it, do you want one person nagging you because they don’t understand or do you want hundreds after you change it?  Tell the person to use the mobile app and turn on push notifications.

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            Jose Daniel Sosa Posadas

            Edison Pioneer



            You can add custom notify for this requeriment.



            Daniel Sosa

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              Igor Smrdelj

              I strongly agree with Marie - there's absolutely no need for notifications on every worklog update.


              But we have two (custom) notifications which we found very useful in everydays work:

              - enduser/customer notification:  for every public worklog entry created by support staff

              - notification for support staff(current case Assignee)  -  for every new worklog entry (additional info) created by enduser




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                Sinisa Mikor

                Are you asking about notifications originated by Request Management?  Ready-made notifications for customers you can find in SYS:Notification Messages only cover status changes, and on top of that, they can be blocked by settings in SRD used to create particular Service Request.  You could add some of your own, as well as some workflow to activate them as Jose Daniel Sosa Posadas suggests, if necessary.


                As to should you do it... I would say yes, but not only that; Igor Smrdelj presents two often required types and still both him and Marie Johnson speak against additional notifications instead of allowing users themselves to decide how many notifications is too many for them -- as long as work logs are declared public by support staff, there is no reason why user shouldn't be allowed to be notified of them individually or in bulk updates if they wish to, in the manner they prefer.

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                  Carl Wilson

                  Hi Edison,

                  Just to add to the information already provided by others, the latest versions of ITSM (in particular SRM) have a dedicated "Needs Attention" based Notification that can be enabled via the Notification Messages form that works on "Public" Work Info entries up to SRM from the underlying fulfilment app.


                  If you need a notification for all Work Info entries, regardless of Public, then this is a customisation you will need to build.


                  The recent addition of the Public SRM based Work Info entries (Needs Attention) is welcomed as it has been asked for for a long time now.




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