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    Is it possible to migrate only new Tickets and Purchase orders to Track-It 2019, on the second migration?

    Ken Soszka
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      Hi, is it possible to edit the settings in the Track-It 2019 R3 migration tool to migrate only Tickets and Purchase Orders from 11.4, but not Technicians, Requestors, or ANY configuration data? I know there is a file that can be edited for the migration tool, but not sure if those are options. The situation is that an initial migration was done several months ago. Since then, 2019 has been configured with Business Rules, Categories, etc. in a test environment. Now, we want to do the cutover from 11.4 to 2019. We don't want any configuration to be overwritten (Business Rules, Categories, Status, Priorities...), we only need the new Tickets and Purchase Orders that have been created in Track-It 11.4 since the previous migration.