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    Truesight-Change Integration

    Rukmini Narayanan
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      Hi ,

      I am trying to understand the behaviour of the Remedy-TS Change Management Integration.

      I understand that the change is shared from Remedy ITSM to TSPS when the Remedy change goes to Scheduled status and a Change Info Event is created in TSPS. The Change details are shared with TSIM which creates an automatic blackout policy and a timeframe of blackout.  Is this correct?

      Do further updates of Implementation in Progress, Complete and Closed from the Remedy Change go to TSPS? If so, what happens there - are new Change Info Events created in TSPS OR the same Change Info event updated?

      Also, when the change is rescheduled by moving it back to Draft/Planning in Progress, what happens to the Change Info event created on Scheduled?


      Thanks a lot for your help.