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    When Modifying the Staging Form Old Relationships to be Deleted and New Relationships to be formed?

    Vikas Mishra
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      We have a Staging Form where we have 4 fields of IP Address separately.


      and We are able to create Computer System and 4 IPEndpoint Records for the same.

      We also created Relationships for 4 IPEndpoint Records in BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint.

      And after that we have unrelated (Mark as Deleted =Yes) those records from BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint when Status = Disposed.


      Now when we update one of the IP Address field in Staging Form ,New Record of IP gets created in BMC.CORE:BMC_IPEndpoint Form and New Relationship should be formed with BMC.CORE:BMC_HostedAccessPoint. And Old Relationships for IP Address should be deleted.


      Please confirm on the same.



      Vikas Mishra