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    What is the :x on the Retrieval Script name?

    Fred Wiest
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      I am doing a RESTful PUT to update the Configuration Monitor objects and when I set the Retrieval Script name, it wants a ":x" with some number at the end of the script name. I can do a GET on an object to find out what number is being used but since I have 7 servers, it is different for each server. What is the purpose of this number and how to I find what is needed for each script?


      And once I set the object, the device name says "Pending" on it. How do I clear this? I am running 16.5 P08.

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          Fred Wiest

          In case anyone is interested in the outcome of this...


          This is regarding the PUT function of the /api/objects/<SWid>/configManagement API. Specifically, it is updating the Configuration Monitor variable configMonitorRetrievalScript. This variable sets the script to run to retrieve the configuration. This only applies to version 16.5 and later.


          The problem is that the value requires a numeric value at the end of it. This is the "index" of the script name. There is no API to GET the list of scripts to find the indexes so there is no way to programmatically know the index. Well, you could possible get an inventory list and get the variable for each device until you find a match, but that is messy.


          In my case, I manually retrieved a list of devices using /api/inventory, then using the SWid from a device I used the /api/objects/<SWid>/configManagement to get the values to find the index for that script. I hardcode these in my program (in my case C#) for each of the 8 servers. Not pretty, but it works as a workaround.


          This is an oversite from Entuity and will make it easier in a future release.