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    Entuity - Intermittentently 'failed to read data from ssh server'

    Priya Awasthi
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      Hello All,


      When using remote terminal, I get in, do a cmd , get some output and the session is then suspended stating "failed to read data from ssh server"sk


      I asked customer few questions to understand the issue.


      • Is this happening for all of the devices or for some specific vendor devices?   <<<  usually on Cisco devices
      • Post taking terminal session the error “Failed to read data from ssh server" is it happening for some specific command (may be for the command which has lengthy output)?  <<<< no, appears to happen soon after gaining access to a device and putting in any cmd  e.g.  sh run….or sh ip int brief    does not appear to be cmd related.


      Please give your suggestions, if anybody has faced same issue?


      Priya Awasthi