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    SmartReporting running query in loop and causing performance issues with filter

    Valentin Florin Benciu
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      We are having issues with SmartReporting v 19.08: we can see on the DB logs that a certain query is launched many times (thousands of times in 30 minutes) and it turns out to be a query run by SmartReporting. This keeps the DB CPU to 100% and it doesn't end until we restart SmartReporting.

      After we restart SmartReporting the DB usage goes down and the system works fine for a few hours. After we can see some other query being launched thousands of times and keeping the DB CPU to 100%.

      The queries are always different so it cannot be 1 report. And the query is always launched without a WHERE clause while our reports always have some mandatory filter.

      Usually the queries involve View Forms created on Oracle Views for custom reports.

      We need to understand what causes this and how to make it stop. The SmartReporting logs don't show the query, but it appears in the ARS logs and in the DB logs.

      Any idea why?



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      PS: The issue happens also when running the report if the user clicks to search filter values: the filter dialog will stay loading and in the background the query goes in a loop.