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    How to enable Remedyforce Console for a profile without the use of permission set?

    Lior Lavi
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      Hi everyone,

      I have a profile which has very limited access to Remedyforce and now I want to enable it to see the Remedyforce Console tab. I managed to enable it from the profile edit page and in the Administration page to give it access only to the Change Request console, but when accessing the tab itself I get the Insufficient Access Rights error message.

      When adding the ServiceDesk Staff permission set to the user it is possible to see the content of the tab with no error message.

      I want to enable all the users having this profile to see the content of the Remedyforce Console page without going through each and every on of them and adding to him or her the ServiceDesk Staff permission set. Is it possible? What can be the reason for the error message?


      Thank you all in advance,