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    Got a good one for ya, Armonitor just sits there and does not start  RestApiActivator

    Joseph Newmark
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      Here is the issue. We are trying to upgrade from 9.1.03 to 9.1.05 on our way to 9.1.07.

      I ran the upgrade on our admin server part of a 4 server setup (1 admin, 3 server group members)

      The upgrade failed because the remedy user (Remedy) did not own a backup of ar.conf in the conf directory.

      The installer quit and left ARS in an unusable state, it would not even load armonitor. Lucky for me, I had a tar backup of the ARSystem directory, as well as all the other bmc directories. I restored the ARSystem directory and started the system. Armonitor starts but does not run properly.

      This is what I get:

      Action Request System initializing.

      INFO - ******************************************************************************************

      INFO - Initializing ARMonitor Version 9.1.03 201705311958

      INFO - ******************************************************************************************

      INFO -

      INFO - Binding of armonitor on port [ 7319 ] is successful.

      INFO - Initializing ProcessController, to start and monitor all the processes listed in armonitor configuration file.

      INFO - Read and start all processes listed in armonitor.conf.

      INFO - Starting Server-Process : /opt/oracle/java/jdk/jre/bin/java -jar /opt/bmc/ARSystem/bin/arserver.jar -s uxvnwg001a4087 -i /opt/bmc/ARSystem -l /etc/arsystem/uxvnwg001a4087

      INFO - ProcessMonitor starting process [ ARSERVER ].

      INFO - Server Statup Notification Port [ARSERVERPORT] :42719

      INFO - Process ID for the server process is:  27552

      INFO - Server Process ID: 27552

      INFO - Server port socket listener initializing..

      Action Request System initialization is complete.

      [remedy@uxvnwg001a4087 bin]$


      It does not start the RestApiActivator process, the CMDB, nor does it connect to the database. It just sits there, for hours.

      I have checked armonitor.conf and it was not touched by the failed upgrade. ar.conf is correct too.

      Java is set correctly as well. Everything is as it was, but it will not start. There are no errors in arerror.log, armonitor.log just shows it going to initialization complete and hanging.


      Any ideas?