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    Auto Filter only working in 1 out of 3 record definitions

    John Sutton
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      Hello all,


      I have three total Record Definitions that I am trying to get Auto Filtering working on. Two of them (Incident & Service Request) reside inside the same Workspace. The other (Operations Support) has its own separate Workspace.


      I setup the various category fields in these Record Definitions to function with Auto Filtering, then duplicated these efforts inside the two Knowledge Base Record Definitions.


      I am only able to return results from the Incident workspace. Service Request and Operations Support will not bring up any auto filter results, but do bring up results if I specifically search for key-words from the Knowledge Base entries.


      Can someone tell me what I am missing? I've checked the relationships in both the Knowledge Base and Ticket Record Definitions, but I'm not seeing any issues. I am running