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    Can we install the 2 Mid Tier and 1 AR server in Same VM Server

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      HI All,


      We have one challenging while migrating the B2B customer in remedy.


      - Customer is having 1 VM , in 1 VM 1 ARS and 1 Mid-tier is running in Http. Can we install 1 more mid-tier on same VM ?

      - If Yes, Current set is running in http and we want new mid-tier should run on https.


      Can we do this ?


      As part of customer migration , Customer don't have test bed. Customer is having produaction system with 1 ARS(No ITSM) and 1 Mid-tier on same server. Third part tool is getting changing and as per that need to do development in customer tool.

      New Development should not impact the current flow and all new transactions should flow to new third party tool in https.

      So to achieve this we are planning to install one more mid-tier in same VM with https, Can we do this or is there any risk while doing this.


      Kindly share if any other approach or how can we implement this using new mid-tier installation.