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    Problem using "Generic - Database Extractor (Java)"

    Michael Rees
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      Has anyone come across this issue...


      Running version 11.5.01 of TSCO


      We are using an ETL task which is a ‘Generic – Database Extractor (java)’

      We are noticing for every 12:00 (midday) instance the value is blank, and the value that should be in the 12:00 (midday) instance, is actually in the 00:00 (midnight) instance.

      This happens for every day of the month – the midday field is blank and its value is in the midnight field, overwriting the value that should be in the 00:00 midnight field.


      This is an example from the SQL before the ETL task processes it, and as you can see in the highlighted figures and data table image the 12:00 (midday) field should be in the 00:00 (midnight) field.

      24/11/2019 11:00;3600;EVL_WEB_SORN;737;Global

      24/11/2019 11:00;3600;EVL_WEB_RELICENCE;4998;Global

      24/11/2019 12:00;3600;EVL_WEB_SORN;719;Global

      24/11/2019 12:00;3600;EVL_WEB_RELICENCE;4831;Global

      24/11/2019 13:00;3600;EVL_WEB_SORN;688;Global

      24/11/2019 13:00;3600;EVL_WEB_RELICENCE;4526;Global


      Data Table

      The image EVL_ETL.png

      above shows the data table after the ETL task has processed it.


      This is the SQL Query we are using:


      SQL Query.png


      The DB is Oracle and we use an external DB connection.