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    TrueSight Smart Reporting - Platform 19.3 EPD access as replacement for BDSSA - Invalid Entitlement

    Barry Reilly
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      Since the summer when all BDSSA customers were meant to get the first iteration of the new replacement TSSR-SA, I have yet to see the EPD Download section actually show the category /software. It gives 'invalid entitlement' if you try to go via the product document EPD link.


      At the time I had contacted my account manager in UK about this and we waited months and still no access sorted via EPD download.


      The account manager has since left BMC and a new account manager assigned. I have notified her of the historical issue and suggested a workaround.


      So with that said today I got notification, that TSSR-SA 19.2 is now replaced with TSSR-platform 19.3.


      I clicked the doc link and then EPD link and yet again ' invalid entitlement'. This is becoming a joke.


      Its now November and BMC customers still have no official access to the BDSSA replacement that was due in August/September when it went end of life.


      1. Has any customer with BDSSA actually received proper EPD access to the new product?
      2. If yes, what month was it given?
      3. Does any one even have TSSR-SA 19.01/19.02 installed?
      4. Why is this still the case? I know our current support ID renews next march/april 2020.
      5. Who is responsible for this fiasco and should have enabled all BDSSA owners with TSSR, who can I email to get this finally sorted.?


      I previously had opened a support case on this topic as well as contacting UK account manager, but like him they got no where and just quoted, its not ready, its been delayed.


      This is not good enough, and is an embarrassment for BMC.


      I am curious to see what other customers on here have had to go through to get TSSR enabled on their EPD downloads page. As I have noticed some posting topics on TSSR so clearly some customers already have it.


      Kind Regards