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    Hitesh Jha
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      Hello All,


      when I tried to stop the CMDB sync connection through command line getting an error as below.

      [tideway@cltdvladmc01 cores]$ tw_sync_control --list

      Password for BMC Discovery UI user system:

      Traceback (most recent call last):

        File "./control.py", line 1564, in <module>

        File "./control.py", line 1471, in main

        File "./configuration.py", line 1635, in processCommandLine

        File "./configuration.py", line 1598, in initialiseSystemAPIs

        File "./configuration.py", line 1703, in initSecurity

        File "./__init__.py", line 257, in authenticateByPassword



        File "./__init__.py", line 137, in _initPwauthenticator




      [tideway@cltdvladmc01 cores]$


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          Andrew Waters

          This is complaining about not finding the security service. Have you stopped the services?

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            Hitesh Jha

            Hello Andrew,


            Actually appliance is already down due to 100% utilization of db_data.


            [tideway@cltdvladmc01 ~]$ sudo /sbin/service tideway status

            BMC Discovery application services are not running

                Security service:                                      [ STOP ]

                Model service:                                         [ STOP ]

                Vault service:                                         [ STOP ]

                Discovery service:                                     [ STOP ]

                Mainframe Provider service:                            [ STOP ]

                SQL Provider service:                                  [ STOP ]

                CMDB Sync (Exporter) service:                          [ STOP ]

                CMDB Sync (Transformer) service:                       [ STOP ]

                Reasoning service:                                     [ STOP ]

                Tomcat service:                                        [ STOP ]

                Reports service:                                       [ STOP ]

                External API service:                                  [ STOP ]

                Application Server service:                            [ STOP ]

            [tideway@cltdvladmc01 ~]$

            [tideway@cltdvladmc01 ~]$ df -h

            Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

            /dev/sda7       960M  270M  640M  30% /

            tmpfs            28G     0   28G   0% /dev/shm

            /dev/sda1       239M   36M  191M  16% /boot

            /dev/sda6       1.5G  2.3M  1.4G   1% /home

            /dev/sda3       1.9G   51M  1.8G   3% /tmp

            /dev/sda10      255G   43G  199G  18% /usr

            /dev/sda5       1.7G  139M  1.5G   9% /var

            /dev/sda8       852M   88M  720M  11% /var/log

            /dev/sda9       852M   30M  778M   4% /var/log/audit

            /dev/sdb2       1.1T  975G   84M 100% /mnt/addm/db_data


            And at the same time our CMDB working on up gradation and want us to disable the sync for the same.

            This is the reason I am trying to stop the sync from CLI.

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              Bob Anderson

              Since all the services on the appliance are stopped, there is NO sync activity.