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    Real EUM: Apache HTTP server automated Java script injection

    Nir Yavin
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      Hi everyone,


      Real end user monitoring, based on Java script injection requires initial enablement done in 1 of 3 ways:
      1. F5 BigIP LB iRule generation

      2. Web browser plug-in (Firefox and Chrome)

      3. Manual change in the application web page adding the sniplet, that inject the JS.


      Here is a new method of implementing the same on any page provided via an Apache HTTP web server 2.4 on Linux:

      an RPM is provided here which install an automation script and then allow the user to run the script part of post install process.


      It takes less than a minute to run the rpm installation (e.g. with yum), and the Apache HTTP server (aka httpd) will inject the sniplet on any page it hosts.

      If needed on UNIX systems where RPM is not supported then the same script can be installed and executed manually to complete the same process.


      NOTICE: This is provided 'as-is' PoC, here on the community group


      Let me know what you think.