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    Loop in model

    Michael D
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      When I Simulate Impact for different database servers in the same model I get error message "Error Occurred - Loop in Model...."



      These database servers are members of a cluster and ImpactComputationModel is WEIGHTED_CLUSTER.


      When I simulate impact for a file server that is a member of cluster, the simulation is correct. This cluster is also WEIGHTED_CLUSTER.



      I check the file ais.log and it complains about a BMC_SoftwareServer that is not a part of the model.


      I am trying to remove the process (maps to BMC_SOFTWARESERVER) in the Discovery model, with no luck. I can't even see the process.


      We are feeding CMDB with data from Discovery.


      CMDB version: 9.1.05

      Discovery version:


      How can I resolve this issue?


      Kind regards