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    How to upload Service CI ?

    Nazia Naseem
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      Is anybody help me to know the process?







      Nazia Naseem

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          Christophe Jourdain

          From the Asset Management Console, you can use the functionality 'Manage CIs', select 'CI Type*+' as Logical Entity/Business Service and create.
          You can configure your first CI manually in order to see which fields are rerequired for your needs.


          Secondly you can use this sample data and extract it from BMC.CORE:BMC_BusinessService and make the ARX extract from the AR System Report Console by selecting AR System type for your report. After this step you will be able to make your integration file from this ARX extraction.

          With the version 8.1 it is possible to use a template integration filename Transaction_CI.xls available on your system installation path


          By this way you can used different solution such as Data Management Tools, Atrium Integrator or Spoon, to upload your integration file depending of which version of Atrium system you are using.

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            Yogesh Gharpure

            Hi Nazia,


            Please check if this document is helpful for you - Loading BMC Asset Management data - Documentation for Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.1 - BMC Documentation




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              Nazia Naseem

              Hi Christophe,


              I am using 9.1 version BMC Remedy so need to get exact template which can be used to load bulk service CI's which would be reflect into CI+ tab in incident management/ Change management/ Pblm management while we create inciden/change/pblm ticket.







              Nazia Naseem

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                Nazia Naseem

                Hi Yogesh,


                This doc doesn't meet what I need to get. Please let me help if you know the process.







                Nazia Naseem

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                  Sinisa Mikor

                  You'd need to load your business services into CMDB and relate them to people (e.g. customers) before they could be used as services in mentioned applications.  BMC has provided templates downloadable from Applications => Data Management => Spreadsheet Management both for loading CIs (Transactional CI -- in your case, you'd have to populate AST_BusinessService with relevant data), and for loading relationships between CIs and people, people organizations (e.g. companies or departments) and support groups (Transactional Asset -- in your case, you'd have to populate AST_LoadAssetPeople with relevant data).  Those spreadsheets can be used by Atrium Integrator jobs CI-CMDB and Transactional_Asset respectively to load CIs and relationships, respectively, into CMDB; both have associated DMT job templates, so the whole process can be covered by running DMT jobs, followed by normalization and reconciliation.

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                    Dipti More

                    Hi Nazia,


                        Use the  CMDBDiag command line utility to export CI data for classes / datasets to a xml file. refer to the BMC Atrium CMDB Adminsitrator's guide. Import the CI data into another environment using cmdbdriver -> impdt command ->xml file 


                    cmdbdriver utility has the commands to clean up datasets (CIs in a datasets) along with the related CIs.There are commands to clean up residual / orphan relationship CIs if any.

                    You can refer CMDBDiag utility which does exactly what you’re looking.


                    xport Data and Backup -

                    To Back your existing data you can use CMDB Driver Command - xexpdt


                    xexpdt - This will back up your entire data(CI's and Relationship) in chunk.


                    e.g. In below I have taken the data back for BMC.SAMPLE dataset from BMC_BaseElement Class. If you would like to export data for only few class then you can set the "Export instance data from all classes?" to F.


                    Please provide the file name as i have given Test1.XML(The file will create at CMDB Driver Location or you can specify absolute path). If you have very large kind of data then number of xml file gets generated at provided location.



                    Command: expdt

                    EXPORT DATA

                    Class Name

                       Namespace (): BMC.CORE

                       Class name (): BMC_BaseElement

                       Dataset ID (): BMC.SAMPLE

                    Qualification string:

                       Number of Attributes (0):

                    Number of sort attributes (0):

                    First Retrieve (0):

                    Maximum number of entries to retrieve (500):

                    Filename for exported data: test.xml


                       CMDBExportData  results

                    ReturnCode:  OK

                    Status List : 0 items


                    Command: xexpdt

                    XEXPORT DATA

                    Export instance data from all classes? (F): T

                    Dataset ID (): BMC.SAMPLE

                    Filename for exported data: test1.xml


                    # 2 Cleaning the data -


                    Use cmdbdiag (@ Location <<AtriumCore Home>>\cmdb\sdk64\bin) to cleanup the data.


                    e.g.  from the cmdbdiag you can choose the 2 option for cleaning the data and to clean dtaset for all datasets choos "y" as shown below -


                    Main Menu

                       1. Data Integrity Checker

                       2. CI and Relationship Correction Tool

                       3. Quit


                    Enter your choice --> 2

                    CI and Relationship Correction Tool Submenu


                       1. Reset Reconciliation Identities

                       2. Clean up Dataset

                       3. Correct Relationships

                       4. Delete Orphan Relationships

                       5. Remove Cardinality Violations

                       6. Clean up Classes

                       7. Fix Orphaned Weak members

                       8. Delete Orphaned Weak members

                       9. Main Menu


                       Enter your choice --> 2


                    CLEANING UP DATASET


                       All datasets [y, n] (n) : y


                    The following classes will be affected:


                    #3 Importing dataset -


                    impdt - use this command to import the data (shown below)


                    Command: impdt

                    IMPORT INSTANCE DATA

                    Handle duplicate Instance Ids:

                      (Error/New ID for Dup/Merge/New ID for All) (1-4) (1): 2

                    Filename containing import data: test1.xml_100_0


                    CMDBImportData  results

                    ReturnCode:  OK

                    Status List : 0 items

                    Total items Processed             :  23

                    Items Imported successfully       :  23

                    Items for which Import failed     :  0


                    provide the xml file name(we have already backed up the data by using xmpdt).



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