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    Track-It 11.4 - System Reqs. up to date?

    Heidi Farnham
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      Is it possible to run TrackIt 11.4 on:


      Windows 2016


      SQL 2017


      Thanks for any insight provided.



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          Ken Soszka

          Hi Heidi,


          While it is not officially supported, I have successfully installed and run 11.4 SP1 on Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016. I imagine it would be fine on SQL Server 2017 as well.


          If you are moving Track-It, one thing to know is that the Copy/Move batch file for moving Track-It to a different server will fail on the database moving part, with a SQL version not supported message. The components only moving part will work, but the database will need to be manually moved.

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