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    Regarding Juniper router/Switches discovery in ADDM

    Naveen Kumar N C
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      Hi Team,


      We are scanning Juniper routers in ADDM environment 11.3

      For each router ADDM is listing two CI's of same name with different IP's.


      One CI has serial number and other has not.

      But both has same "sys obj id"


      When checked with internal team found, host exists in multiple network using different logical interfaces.


      For  Juniper switches,  Virtual switch consists of two physical switch. Both switch has unique serial numbers and hence its unique.

      But its listing in ADDM by its virtual name for both hosts and hence  listing duplicates.


      Even for load balancers also we get the same issue. Load balancer name is listing as duplicate with two same CI names. but not with individual hosts configured under load balancers.


      Can anyone assist is it a common problem with Juniper discovery or virtual environments.