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    TSO Closed Loop Compliance | How to call TSO workflow for non-compliant servers from TSA Compliance Job

    Bala Dengale
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      Hello Team,


      We are exploring closed loop compliance use case for Agent self-healing using TSA (BSA) and TSO (BAO).


      This is customized and I have compliance job ready for 1 agent and wanted to connect with TSO for failed servers.


      Will you be able to guide us on how Bladelogic will call BAO for each failure? I wanted to re mediate using BAO workflow which can follow our custom process.


      Our use case as follow:

      1. BSA Compliance job schedule to run daily on All Linux servers.
      2. It should call BAO workflow for all Non-compliant servers.
      3. BAO take over for remediation and process part.


      Could you please direct us some resources for this integration? We are good with compliance job and BAO workflow perspective.