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    Can we monitor salesforce using AVM agents ??

    Avneesh Jain
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      Hi All,

      Does any one of you  have monitored Salesforce using BMC Truesight AVM agents .


      If yes , please share your experience.



      Avneesh Jain

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          Shelly Menachem

          Hi Avneesh,


          Since AD agents require to be locally installed on the application and since Salesforce is a SaaS based application - the answer would be no for the agents

          However - BMC has produced browser plugin for Chrome and FF that can be deployed to the machines of the users which use Salesforce - those plugin report to the same TSAVM server as the AD agents and the same EUEM information can be collected.


          bottom line :  it can be archived by browser plugins from BMC - which replace the AD agents for this kind of applications.