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    To create Policy for Thresholds update

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      Hi Team,


      I have some servers under one Group in our BPPM, I want to create policy to tweak the thresholds for Memory utilization as like below.


      Minor >= 95%

      Major >= 99%


      So how can i create policy to apply all servers under that Group. We are using BPPM 9.6 version.

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          Roland Pocek



          its not possible to use bppm groups in a policy, I would recommend to use a policy that contains only the servers you need to set instance specific thresholds on and configure it there.

          so you would have to add all the needed servers to the condition for the policy (like using "in list" for example)


          if possible oyu also could try to use a regex expression inside the policy that you use for monitoring these servers or only the memory and use that regex to specify only the servers (instance specific again) where you need different thresholds than the global thresholds defined


          hope that helps



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