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    DWP Question Description Link (other/network path)

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everyone,


      We have a quite straightforward use case where the customer want's to display clickable URL in DWP Question description (dwp 19.08). Like this:


      We need to define here an Network UNC Path like:



      The choice in definition is not free (what I really don't understand) and file is not available:


      So we wanted to use <other> and define like:



      but if you use <other> and save this definition the URL is removed (clearly a bug!).


      Anybody has some idea how to do this. Or is this a known bug which will be corrected ? (Support has no idea).

      Simon Geddes, John Gallagher, Hugh Fairfield, Tony Chung - guys any info ?


      thanks a lot