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    Business Rule Assistance

    mariam penman
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      I'm configuring our 2019 TrackIt and need some guidance on routing of tickets

      I have a category called UPS which has a support specialist assigned to it

      i want to achieve the following

      when an email comes in with specific text (UPS for example) then create the ticket, change category to UPS, send the email to the specialist and finally auto-close the ticket.


      we have a strange way for some teams to be notified of assignments, and this i think would be the best way to handle it.



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          Smit Burde

          Hi Mariam,


          Populating a category support specialist via business rule is not supported currently.


          For now you can create a business rule with following 3 actions.

          1. Create ticket as "Extract category from Subject and assigned technician to the ticket explicitly"

          2. Send notification to the ticket technician.

          3. Update ticket as "change status to close"


          In this case you will need separate business rules for each of the category having support specialist.



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            mariam penman

            Thanks Smit,

            that helped. however i have a business rule (copied from an original business rule). the first rule creates a ticket for inbound emails that don't contain certain fields.

            I added a condition with subject does not contain UPS.


            that's worked, that rule now doesnt create a ticket for emails with UPS in the subject.

            i created the 2nd rule with the only condition is

            "when new email received with subject contains UPS"

            my actions are create record/ticket; followed by an update record-add ticket note and update record - update ticket values.


            the ticket isn't being created. not sure how to troubleshoot!

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              Smit Burde

              Hi Mariam,


              I have attached few screenshots here to show how I am creating a business rule.

              Following are the points to be considered.


              1. The Category name needs to be extracted from the Subject or Message (screenshot shows its extracted from Subject) if you do not want it to be hardcoded in business rule. The EXTRACT expression can be used here. See the Business rule Description field to understand the format of the incoming email subject.


              2. Update ticket action viz. update ticket values and add ticket note requires the correct Ticket ID to be mapped in the action. In this case the Ticket ID is taken with the help of ACTIONRESULT expression. {ACTIONRESULT, 1} describes that the ticket is created in the first action of current business rule.


              Please follow the following steps, if business rule still does not work.


              1. Open LogConfig.exe utility from BMC\Track-It!\Tools folder and set the Business Rules log level to Trace.

              2. Execute the business rule.

              3. Share the NAMMbl.log generated in BMC\Track-It!\Logs folder.

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                mariam penman

                thank you Smit.