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    Cannot pull user friendly Date value from Remedy form to put in Notes using DWPC (Service Broker).

    Stephen Lumini
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      Scenario - Data needs to be queried from a form called zzSRDNewHirePersonData.  We're using a Get Entry by Query element to get the data.

      We have a mix of text and Date fields in the form.

      We use a Compute Value element to put the data in the Notes field of a Work Order.

      Text field look just fine, but the date value is not translated properly:


      New Hire’s First Name: FN

      New Hire’s Last Name: LN

      New Hire’s Preferred Name: Pref

      Job Title: SuperBoss

      Department: Corporate Affairs

      Employment Type: Contractor

      ESS Access: No

      Employee Payment Type: Payroll

      Office/Site Location: here

      Start Date: {"value":2458812}     **date entered: 2019-11-24

      Account End Date (For contractors): {"value":2458818}   **date entered: 2019-11-30

      Copy permissions from the following user: Stephen (BMC) Lumini

      Business Unit: ["Greenleaf Foods","Maple Leaf Agri-Farms"]

      Location: Pune

      Comment: Comments for Kronos


      Here is an excerpt of the Input Map of the Compute Value element:

      STRIPHTML("<BR>")) + "Office/Site Location: ") + ${activityResults.rx-d4ec6432-8e37-4392-9f16-d3e9c349be20.output.Office Or Site Location}) + STRIPHTML("<BR>")) + "Start Date: ") + ${activityResults.rx-d4ec6432-8e37-4392-9f16-d3e9c349be20.output.Start Date})


      Any ideas on how to make the Date look like a date??

      There seems to be a count of days – it cannot be coincidence that 2,458,812 is 6 days less than 2,458,818 and the dates are week apart.