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    MVIMS IMFECP00 ==> IMSIDECP: Problem in View PARMEDT Event Collector

    Feli Brachthaeuser
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      we are using the standard documented inside IMFECF00 which allows to use IMSIDECP and IMSIDSYS.

      Unfortunately, when viewing the Event Collector we get this:

      BBMXB614E Error detected in selector during RefreshBegin            

      -Related:BBMPE104E Internal method failed: Unable to find member. RC=8   

      --Related:BBMMF021E Find Failed for -  IMFECPP                      
      BBMXBD15I There is no data that satisfies your request              
      -Related:BBMXBD23I0 records presented by the product             


      Is this a bug or a feature?

      best regards,