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    Can my company purchase only Innovation Studio (suite)?  (We just bought everything else we need)

    Holly Mullins
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      We are currently standing up BMC Remedy ITSM with SMART IT - everything is version 19.08.  For the last few months I have been learning the consoles I will have to teach our other users (Service, Asset, Change, Knowledge, Smart Reporting and Innovation Suite). 


      Now as we are getting ready to go live, I find that I don't have access to Innovation Studio and I can't build the custom processes the way I planned.  I'm being told that Innovation Studio is only available inside Helix and available via the BMC Cloud.  That doesn't seem right to me.  If we have everything else, but that, it seems like we should be able to purchase just that App and integrate it ourselves into our build.  Keep in mind that we cannot go "cloud based"....not even a little bit.  We have our own internal 'cloud', in its own bright shiny little box, that is not touching anything other than our closed network.


      I've asked this question over in ITSM Communities and was pointed this way.  Thanks in advance for your advice.