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    Nexec forfiles not working as expected

    Simon Wardley
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      Hi I am creating a housekeeping script for Windows Drives.


      I have seen in the past that using rm -rf command via nsh on a windows target appears to be slower that the windows native forfiles command.


      I have my command working natively via command prompt:

      forfiles /p "C:\Windows\Temp" /s /c "cmd /c Echo Deleting @file"

      This returns of all files and directories preceeded by Deleting.


      I have added this to an an nsh type 1 script and making use of Nexec as follows:

      nexec -e cmd /c "forfiles /p "C:\Windows\Temp" /s /c "cmd /c Echo Deleting @file""


      Which returns the following error:

      Error: Invalid syntax. '/c' option is not allowed more than '1' time(s).

      Type "FORFILES /?" for usage


      I therefore tried the following approach on the native windows command prompt:

      cmd /c "forfiles /p "C:\Windows\Temp" /s /c "cmd /c Echo Deleting @file""


      Which also executed successfully with a list of file names.



      There only appears to be an issue when i nexec - e it?