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    Track-it and creating email thread

    joseph Mooney
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      Hello all,
      We are in the stages of preparing trackit for deployment to our user base


      I am curious to know if anyone has experience with configuring a business rule which can create and sustain an email thread for a ticket?



      For example, everything in our company is currently done through O365, so naturally our users are used to seeing a thread of responses.


      Im hoping to achieve the same with Trackit
      So it would look like:
      User emails helpdesk@
      Ticket is created, response is sent (we are already doing this successfully)
      When a tech responds to the ticket with a note, it sends note via email to user, as well as CC for tech.
      User responds to email, sends to tech, updates as a note in trackit


      The important thing here is that it actually retains the information back and forth,
      As it stands now it generates a generic 'your request has been updated' message. I want to be able to see the whole ticket as an email thread.


      I see alot of predefined rules in Trackit, but none that specify what im asking.


      We are using Trackit 2019, BUILD:

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          Smit Burde

          You can change the notification template by copying and editing the predefined business rule.

          In this case, you can copy the "Notify requestor on ticket update" rule and can include the {TICKETALLNOTES} expression in the message of Notification Details.


          With this modification, Requestor will receive all public notes of the ticket along with other details added in notification template on update of the ticket.

          The look and feel will not be exactly like a e-mail thread but requestor will get the details of the ticket, including details added by technician as a ticket note.


          See the attached screenshot of the received mail.Capture.PNG