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    Remedyforce CMDB Best Practices

    Jayce Canale
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      As an admin new to Remedyforce, I'm having some difficulty wrapping my head around CMDB and the documentation that is provided here. Was hoping that someone has some resources or general insight that can help me connect the dots.


      An example that I've been mulling over is Software Requests. Let's say a user enters a Software Request via the Service Requests feature in Remedyforce. That software request goes through a series of approval processes and eventually is approved by management. Then what? The admin is then responsible for manually entering that Software as a CI in CMDB? Or is there a smarter way, liking automating a process that adds the item upon approval?


      Again, I'm very new to remedyforce and the concept of CMDB. So perhaps I'm thinking about it the wrong way. Would really like to hear some best practices from you all!