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    Reto Streit
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      In the knowledge article " NOE QRD Timeout Error when publishing a job in TrueSight. " it's mentioned that it helps against error "NOE QRD timed out" if  CMDBNOEQRDTimeOut parameter is set to "0" .

      What exactly does this mean set the value to 0? Is the timeout then set to unlimite?


      I could only find explanation "pserver.conf file and parameters - BMC ProactiveNet 9.6 - BMC Documentation " but value 0 is not explained.


      Are there more information somewhere?


      Kind regards,


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          Steve Mundy

          Hi Reto,


          The article was created by CMDB team and I have asked for it to be corrected as that parameter should never be set to 0.


          Setting it to 0 means there is no timeout and will result in publish potentially failing with 140510 errors.


          The vaIue for that parameter is in seconds and the default is 900 (15 minutes).


          Hope this helps.


          regards, Steve

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            Reto Streit

            Hi Steve


            Thanks a lot for your fast feedback. It's exactly what I was looking for because we had an internal discussion about that parameter and its value.


            Kind regards,